Monday, May 9, 2011

كيف يتم جني العسل من جبال الهملايا ::::: Honey Harvesting

Himalaya Forest Honey

   كيف يتم جني العسل على جبال الهملايا
في دولة نيبال و على سفوح جبال الهملايا يوجد أنواع مختلفة من زهرة رودودندرون على ارتفاع ، بين 6000 و 19000 قدم. واكبر مجموعات من النحل في العالم تجتمع في هذا المكان. يقوم الناس في هذه المنطقة في نبيال بجمع الحبال و السلال ونقلها على سفوح الجبال بصعوبة ويتم جمع العسل من اعلى سفح الجبل بطرق بدائية و خطيرة ..

 The forests of India are situated in lands far removed from the ills of urban life. Nature's goodness is found in abundance here. In the herbs. In the flowers
In these untouched forests, wild honeybees visit the flowers, to make the purest of honey. Himalaya brings you this very honey, the purest that you can find anywhere. We have experts who collect the honey. At Himalaya we test it for utmost purity, filter it using advanced scientific processes, bottle it under strict hygienic conditions and bring it to your homes. This is in contrast with other brands that tend to add sugar and preservatives to the honey, thereby reducing its purity and lending a synthetic touch to it. We add absolutely no sugar or preservatives to it. This is honey just the way nature meant it to be. Himalaya honey is 100% natural, in its fresh, virgin form, just the way it originates in the forests. It is exactly the way nature intended it to be - uncontaminated and pure..

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