Sunday, March 4, 2012

iPhone 4S

Furious Apple fans hurl eggs at Beijing store after it cancels iPhone 4S launch because crowd was so big
Apple always want a reaction when one of their new products launch, although they probably weren't hoping for the angry scenes which erupted in China today. Frustrated customers threw eggs at Apple's flagship Beijing store after its opening for the Chinese launch of the iPhone 4S was cancelled due to concerns over the size of the crowd. Apple reacted to the scuffle by postponing iPhone 4S sales in its mainland China stores to protect the safety of customers and employees. It said the phone will still be sold online and through its local carrier. Customers including migrant workers hired by touts in teams of 20 to 30 to buy iPhones for resale at a mark-up to Chinese gadget fans waited overnight in freezing weather at the Apple store in Beijing's eastern Sanlitun district. The crowd erupted after the store failed to open on schedule at 7am. Some threw eggs and shouted at employees through the windows. A person with a megaphone announced the sale was cancelled. Police ordered the crowd to leave and sealed off the area with yellow tape. Employees posted a sign saying the iPhone 4S was out of stock.


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