Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Living hand-to-beak

Living hand-to-beak : The birds happy to eat bread rolls fed to them by photographer in unique set of pictures
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, so the saying goes. But if, like this starling, they're feeling a bit peckish, it's not too hard to lure them close. These remarkable first-person photographs show how some greedy birds are not afraid to hover and jostle each other to get their claws on a few crumbs from a bread roll. Russian photographer Aroian Ashot, 39, from Moscow, who shoots under his professional name Alex A. Royal, took these images of British birds in Kensington Gardens, central London But capturing these moments took patience, concentration and a quick shutter finger, he says. Only when they are confident it is safe will the feathered creatures swoop low for a bite.  'The birds always are very careful from the beginning,' said Mr Ashot. 'I try not to make sharp movements, and not to look directly at their group. 'Then they gradually take courage and fly up-close and eventually start to eat their meal from my hands.' Mr Ashot came up with the idea to take these shots when he met bold seagulls attracted to his lunch while on holiday and decided to snap himself feeding them. 'I tried to feed seagulls in New York, and I found that they weren’t afraid of people,' he said. 'They would snatch food directly from my hands. 'So I repeated this in England with all the different birds I encountered there. 'I love to show beauty of the nature and animals and people like to see my pictures because they are full of fun.'

زرزور باليد ولا عشرة عالشجرة.. يأكل فتات الخبز من يد مصور
عصفور في اليد خير من عشرة على الشجرة، هكذا يقول المثل، لكن بالنسبة الى زرزور جائع فان الامر ليس سهلا لأن يكون قريبا وفي متناول يد الانسان! لاحظ مصوّر روسي يدعى اريون اشوت (39 عاما)، ان هذه الطيور لا تخاف ان تحوم حول الناس بل تدفع بعضها ببعض من أجل الحصول على فتات الخبز. وقام هذا المصور بتصوير هذه الصور وهو يطعم عصفور الزرزور فتات الخبز في لندن. حيث قال: "التقاط هذه الصور الرائعة يحتاج الى الصبر والسرعة والتركيز والخبرة العالية، وفقط عندما تشعر هذه الطيور بالثقة والامان فانها لن تتردد بقضم قطعة من الخبز". واضاف المصور: "انا احب ان ادخل الفرحة والبهجة الى قلوب الناس بصور طبيعية ورائعة، لذلك اسعى دائما الى التقاط صور من الطبيعة بدقة متناهية".

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