Saturday, July 9, 2011

2012 Hyundai Veloster

2012 Hyundai Veloster unveiled at Detroit Auto Show

Hyundai has finally unveiled the Hyundai Veloster in full at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The uncovered car is not what most expected and steps ahead of Hyundai’s current design language

Judging from recent spy shots, the Hyundai Veloster looked like it might be a rather handsome hatch, offering similar proportions to the stout Volkswagen Golf R32. The unveiling shows the Veloster is not as clean-cut as expected, and offers curves and kinks on par with the best of modern day design. Overall, it’s a quality piece of styling and actually looks a little bit like a Citroen from the front

The car is a lot larger than expected, too. Offering more interior room than its closest rival; the Honda CR-Z. That’s the interesting thing about the Hyundai Veloster; it’s almost paving its own way in terms of market segment, because it’s a light sports car but it’s also very eco-focused

Powering the muscular little machine is a 1.6-litre four cylinder engine featuring Gasoline Direct Injection technology (GDI). This package is estimated to produce 103kW of power and 167Nm of torque. It may not sound like much but the Veloster is light, tipping the scales at 1172kg – lighter than the Honda CR-Z in fact (1196kg).

The car will also get an optional, new DCT dual-clutch automatic six-speed transmission and a claimed fuel consumption rating of 5.9L/100km

The interior is perhaps even more extravagant than the exterior, featuring loads of sharp angles, silver highlights and plenty of technology centered around a seven-inch centre LCD touch screen

It doesn’t look like occupants would become bored with the interior design any time soon, to say the least. It will also showcase Hyundai’s Blue Link system integrated into the LCD interface, supporting USB, mpeg and avi file formats and internet radio capabilities. The system also provides turn by turn GPS satellite navigation and Blue Link Assurance.

بالصور والفيديو ... هيونداي فيلوستر2012 مكونة من 3 ابواب فقط!!
بعد النجاحات الكبيرة التي حققتها شركة "هيونداي موتورز"، خرجت علينا مؤخرًا بموديل جديد من فئة الكوبيه تحت مسمى "فيلوستر 2012". وتتميز "فيلوستر 2012"، بإطلاله فريدة من نوعها كونها أول سيارة في العالم تتكون من ثلاثة أبواب، اثنين من الناحية اليمنى مخصصين للركاب وواحد آخر لقائد السيارة.
من الناحية الميكانيكية تعتمد "فيلوستر" على المحرك المعتمد في الجيل الجديد من "النترا"، وهو بقوة 130 حصان بسعة 1.6 لتر، فضلاً عن عزم دوران يبلغ 157 نيوتن متر، بينما سيتوافر علبتي تروس، الأولى يدوية والثانية أوتوماتيكية.

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