Tuesday, July 19, 2011

cash for structured settlements

cash for structured settlements

cash for structured settlements

cash for structured settlements

Settlement Quotes provides quotes for structured settlementsHow do you know your payments are a structured settlement that can be offered for purchase by Settlement Quote’s Certified Funders?

Do you or your beneficiaries receive future payments

  • From an Insurance Company
  • As a result of a lawsuit, personal injury or other similar claim
  • Tax free
  • Either in the event of your death (guaranteed) or only while you are alive (life contingent)
  • Not a result of a workers compensation claim

If the answer to these 5 questions is “Yes” and you are an adult then Settlement Quotes can shop your payments to get the highest price quotes in the industry.

See for yourself, get your 6 Price Quotes today:

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Selling your structured settlement is easy with Settlement Quotes and its Certified Funders:

  • The sale is permitted by State and Federal laws—even if your insurance policy contains anti-assignment language.
  • Your sale proceeds are Tax Free because the Federal Tax Laws preserve the tax free status of your structured settlement in the event of sale.
  • Our Certified Funders handle all of the paperwork and get the necessary court approval all atNo Cost to you.
  • Your sale proceeds are paid to you by direct wire into your bank account. You have immediate access to these funds.
  • The transaction is Risk Free because you are protected by a court process.

Would you like to receive a lump sum of cash for your structured settlement? Thousands of people every month ask us if they can sell structured settlement payments? The answer is Yes! You can sell your future payments for a lump sum of money.
Settlement Quotes will obtain 6 lump sum quotes from competing companies to provide you with the most cash for your future settlement payments. Settlement Quotes will also provide a free analysis of your payment stream.
We will help you receive the most cash possible for your structured settlement. Our main goal is to create competition from our large network of structured settlement funding companies. This competition will reduce the discount rate thereby putting more money into your wallet.
We offer different payment solutions to help you achieve your financial objectives. Whether you would like to sell your entire structured settlement or just part of your structured settlement, we will make it work. Settlement Quotes is here to help any way we can.
Settlement Quotes has become a leader in the structured settlement factoring industry due to our continued support and quotes that we provide for our clients.
If you would like to sell your structured settlement payments please complete the short form on the left or call             888-665-1257      . A customer service expert will contact you with your quote for your structured insurance settlement. If you have any questions fell free to contact us at            888-665-1257      .


  1. Thank you for explaining how getting cash for structured settlements work. I was online looking at different companies that buy settlements because I am in desperate need of cash now. Your blog has definitely educated me on how the process works, thank you again for sharing this article and for helping.

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  3. During the Deal of Structured Settlement , We should know our Full rights. We should also Be sure that why we need the cash and how much cash we actually need. Thanks for sharing an information about cash for structured settlement payments among the users.