Saturday, July 2, 2011

Switzer P680 Porsche Panamera

P680 Porsche Panamera
The crew at Ohio-based Switzer Performance has added the Porsche Panamera to its ever-expanding roster of tuning platforms. According to Tym Switzer the Panamera is a great next step in their line-up

Porsche gave the Panamera a robust, twin-turbo, direct-injected V8, and it was easy to recognize that they’d left a great deal of room to work with. Working with our technology partners in developing this P680 hardware, I believe we’ve made full use of this, and were able to build the type of Panamera many of us hoped Porsche would build.

The new Switzer P680 delivers 680hp on premium pump fuel, along with more than 200 additional lbs-ft of torque available across the rpm range, at the wheels
The new turbos help maintain drivability by delivering boost response as good as or better than stock. Turbos built with custom billet compressor wheels featuring advanced aero-profiles designed to deliver performance throughout the operational range. The engine/cooling package can be thanked for achieving the performance gains. Other parts outfitted are a new intercooler system and Switzer’s Siemens ECU upgrade
Switzer claims the P680 Panamera is capable of mid three second 0-60 sprints, and the capability to perform 60-130mph runs in low eight second range, with a top speed well in excess of 350km/h (215mph). Pricing for the P680 starts at approximately $ 22,000

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