Monday, December 26, 2011

Hoover Dam Bypass Expanse

Hoover Dam Bypass Expanse
An Amazing Feat of Engineering
If you haven’t been through the Hoover Dam in the past couple of years, then you haven’t seen the marvel of engineering that has been taking place near the Dam.  Away from the dam, a gargantuan construction effort has taken place to create a bridge for traffic in order to keep traffic away from the dam.  Referred to as the Hoover Dam Bypass Project, the vision and required engineering design are no less fantastic than that which created Hoover Dam.  As such, after having these photos passed on to me, I felt compelled to share them.  The photos do justice to what is being created there.  These may be from the Hoover Dam Bypass Project website, a terrific site for calling out the development of this fantastically inspiring effort.  If you get a chance to drive by, watch for the bridge.  At this point, it would be hard to miss.  It is truly impressive.  Enjoy.

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