Friday, December 9, 2011

Tokyo Motor Show 2011

Tokyo Motor Show 2011 -  Awalk round Review
Two years ago, in the midst of theworldwide financial crash, the 2009 Tokyo motor show felt like a tiny regionalevent as Western manufacturers abandoned ship. Not this year. The 2011 Tokyo motor show was different, with Audi (A1Sportback), BMW (ActiveHybrid 5) and VW (Cross Coupe concept and PassatAlltrack) all unveiling new metal. But much more important was what was onoffer from the domestic brands. The Japanese delivered in spades at Tokyo 2011,and two themes stood out: a spate of clever commuter vehicles and a rashof affordable sports cars designed to mix performance with purity. Daihatsu, Suzuki and Honda all displayed tiny RenaultTwizy-alike urban runabouts, while Nissan revealed its third and  final Pivoconcept. ‘It will complete the series,’ Nissan’s chief creative office ShiroNakamura told CAR. ‘The next model should be mass produced.’ Nakamura plans to have the Pivo on sale within five years, asthe public starts to accept that EVs can be both different to drive and to look at. Pivo 3 will grow a little in size to meet crash regulations,but it - and the plethora of other little city specific cars in Tokyo - showsjust how serious manufacturers are taking urban mobility. Between now and 2016Nissan, Infiniti and partner Renault hope to sell 1.5m electric vehicles, ahuge leap from the 20,000 Leafs it’s sold in the past 12 months. Nissan-Renaultboss Carlos Ghosn knows they’re not the solution, but one of many. I only hopethe public are prepared to accept and embrace them 

جــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــولة في معرض طــــــــــــــــــــــــــــوكيو 2011 لأحدث موديلات السيارات في العالم 

تأخذكم اليوم مدونة العالم في صور في جولة حصرية من الصور لمعرض طوكيو 2011 لأحدث السيارات , حيث شاركت في هذا المعرض معظم شركات صناعة السيارات العالمية أشهرها هيونداي وتيوتتا وفولكس فاكن وهوندا وسوبارو .... إلخ من الشركات العملاقـــــــة في صناعة السيارات 

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