Saturday, December 24, 2011

Winter Festival

Is this China's coolest town? Winter festival creates city made entirely from snow and ice
If Santa fancies taking a breather after his gift-giving jaunt around the world tonight, there's one spot on the planet where he'll feel right at home.For the town of Harbin in northeast China has created an entire city carved out of ice and snow. The 28th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, which opens on January 5, features work by some of the best ice sculptors and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. Spread out across three zones, the theme park features a range of snow-based rides, ice mountains and reproductions of some of the most iconic buildings in the world - all carved from giant blocks of ice and snow. The town, located near the border with Russia, experiences dry but freezing winters and has an abundance of ice on tap from the nearby Songhau River.  Winter activities at the festival include Yabuli Alpine Skiing, winter-swimming and the ice-lantern exhibition in Zhaolin Garden.

بالصور .. إحتفالات الشتاء في الصين
في مثل هذه الأوقات يحتفل الصينين بعيد الشتاء والذي يتزامن مع أعياد الميلاد المجيد , ففي مدينة هاربن الصينية في شمال شرق الصين أنشأت مدينة كاملة منحونة من الجليد والثلوج , حيث تجذب تلك المدينة الألاف من الزوار من مختلف أنحاء العالم وتحتوي هذة المدينة على جبال الجليد ومباني من الثلوج وخيول ومعرض فوانيس مضيئة ... إليكم الصــور

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