Monday, February 20, 2012

Digital Camera D-CAN concept

Traditional Camera Shapes are Wrong
Listen to designer Jean-michel Bonnemoy and he’ll have you believe traditional camera form factors were dictated by the need to hold a roll of film in the back. Now that we’re all digital, why are still maintaining that archaism? He maintains the new form factor should be a cylinder – ergonomically better for the hand. The D-CAN concept significantly reduces volume while still providing all the finite controls professional photographers are used to. Hit the jump for the “specs”.
Large range zoom stabilized USM lens.
A ring authorizes the focus correction. The focal is lockable.
Extension cursor for macrophotography
The lens cap, impossible to lose, includes an electronic flash and the AF-assist illuminator
The accessory shoe can receive, besides an electronic flash, a directional microphone or a remote control receiver.
The cursor “function” allows to choose between fixed views or video, pictures reading, intervallometer and power off.
Cursor “mode” (program, speed or aperture priority, manual)
Double key ISO (100 to 6400 ISO).
Sockets for peripheral: microphone, audio headset, power supply.
The high-definition back screen is used for the aim, the control and the parameter setting by means of a trackball.
The system of aim offers two configurations:
- At the level of eye for a precise centring including right in the sun, with precise control of the focus. The magnifier with diopter adjustment gives an image enlarged of the screen.
- Directly on the directional back screen having raised the magnifier.
The back block of aim revolves to give access to the memory card, USB and HDMI connectors and energy compartment.
The lithium battery can be replaced in case of necessity by a set of AA size battery.
The release button pushed at the halfway mark locks the focus and the exposure.
Maintained pushed it allows continuous photo mode.
The function of thumb wheels differs according to the mode:
- Thumb wheel 1: exposure correction(P, Tv, Av) or choice of the aperture (M).
- Thumb wheel 2: program shift (P), choice of the shutter speed (Tv, M), of the aperture (Av).

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