Monday, October 17, 2011

Exploded Flowers

The Dissected Flowers of Fong Qi Wei

Singaporean photographer Fong Qi Wei likes to pick apart flowers by hand and rearrange them on blank a canvas, creating incredible works of art. In a series entitled “Exploded Flowers” 33-year-old Fong Qi Wei disassembles popular flowers like the rose, lotus or orchid, carefully rearranges  their components on a blank white canvas and then takes photos of them. The results are totally different than the flowers themselves, but just as beautiful and impressive. “ ”Each of the images are done in one sitting, simply because flowers are amongst the most perishable things – so I cannot leave it half finished and work on it the next day as some petals may have wilted or dried up by then. I find that there is always a surprising amount of detail which we do not usually notice in flowers.” the artist says about his exploded flowers.

زهـــــــور إنفجرت .... لوحات فنية بإستخدام الورود
فونغ تشي وي  الفنانة  السنغافورية   تحب جمع  الزهورو انتقاء بعضها من الحدائق ، فقد قامت الفنانة بصناعة لوحات فنية من بعض أوراق الورود التي تجمعها وصنعت لوحات فنية رائعة على قماش أبيض وقد سميت معرضها بإسم زهـــــــــــور وإنفجرت , لكن يبقى الورد ورد ....

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