Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Polluted America

Polluted America: Amazingly colourful aerial pictures that highlight damage to Earth wrought by industry

At first glance they're beautiful, butthese incredible snaps reveal something far more ugly.
J Henry Fair's spectacular aerialimages show the devastation man has wreaked on America. Pollutionis exposed on a massive scale, creating striking vivid colours that highlight thescars of spillages, open cast mining, chemical and oil leaks, industrial decayand deforestation. Mr Fair, from New York, said thebeauty of the pictures draws people in and then they learn the reasons for thevivid colours and the shapes.He said: 'I have been concerned aboutenvironmental issues for a long time as well as being fascinated by the graphicbeauty of machines and the importance of industrial decay. 'Allof these interests combine in this body of work. 'Theycame together a few years ago with the realisation that this subject mattercould move people to potentially have the power to change our direction for thebetter. By the time I am actually photographing something, somuch research has gone into the subject that my understanding of it forces meto see it for what it is. During the shootingprocess, I am looking to compose and create images that will captivate, so insome sense I am attempting to make a silk purse from a sow's ear. Ihave found that the reason this project has had so much success is because thebeauty of the images initially draws audiences in; they are captivating in thesame way that timeless pieces by the great abstract expressionists are. I think that if the initial beauty in the photographswas not present, the project would not have the same affect on people. Because the pictures are so beautiful, people want tolearn more about what is going on in each image. MrFair has a photographic studio in New York and his images are available in hisnew book called 'The Day After Tomorrow: Images of Our Earth in Crisis.'

هل تصدق بأن هذه الصور ليست لوحات فنية .... بل كوارث بيئية

للوهلة الأولى قد تتخيل أنها لوحات فنيةوصور جميلة ولكن قد لا تتخيل أن وراء هذا الجمال والألوان الزاهية مصائب وكوارثبيئية , إن الصور التالية هي صور جـــوية لبعض المناطق في الولايات المتحدةالأمريكية التي تبين حجم الكارثة البييئية الناتجة عن التسرب النفطي والكيمائي وعنالصناعة وإزالة الغابات .يقول المصور فير صاحب هذه الصور : أتمنى على أصحاب القرار, أن يكون جمال هذه الصور هو حافزاً قوياً لفعل أي شيء لإنقاذ البيئة لما تعيشه منمآسي بيئية في المستقبل سوف تحل على البشرية ... أترككم مع الصور

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