Sunday, October 2, 2011


iPhone 5: This is our Design-Prototype
Is this the design for the upcoming iPhone 5? Probably. Maybe. Only Apple knows for sure if the iPhone they’re going to announce next week during their press event will look like this prototype.We currently believe that the iPhone 5 will be thinner than the current generation, it’ll also come with a larger 4 inch display. That being said, the biggest obvious change will be the teardrop design, which already made some news in the past months.  This prototype is only 59.94 mm wider than the current iPhone 4, but with a height of 109.98 mm it’s also just a bit thinner than its predecessor. We already talked about the teardrop design. We took a really close look at the most recent leaks to gather as much information as possible on how the upcoming iPhone might look like from the side. You can clearly see the teardrop style, with a thickness of 6.86 mm at the top and only 5.33 mm at the bottom.   If you looked closely at the most recent case leaks you might have noticed that the mute switch is now located on the other side of the phone. Where Apple will place the main camera and the LED flash - and what they will look like - is currently a big unknown. There is little to no knowledge on the design of these components, but it’s likely that they’ll look just the same as they did on the iPhone 4. Another big design and functional change involves the Home button. It’s no longer a circle but an oval shape. There have been numerous rumors that Apple is moving away from the mechanical to a capacitive button that reacts to a light touch - just like the rest of the display. The reasons for this change are obvious: a mechanical button takes away valuable space inside the device and, because it’s the most used button, is likely to fail during the lifetime of the phone. Apple’s first generation iPhone already had a metal back, before they moved to a plastic back on the iPhone 3G and 3GS for reception’s sake, which was then once again replaced by a glass back on the iPhone 4. Due to Apples patent portfolio that includes various ways to handle antennas and metal backs while still having great reception there’s no reason not to go with an aluminium back that looks and feels just like an iPad.

إذاً هــــــــل سيكون هذا هو iPhone 5  ؟

بقي على مؤتمر آبل ثلاثة أيام حتى الرابع من أكتوبر، ولا يعلم أحد بشكل مؤكد ما الذي سيتم إعلانه حينها وإن كانت “كل” التوقعات تتحدث عن iPhone 5 الجديد ونسخة صغيرة ورخيصة من iPhone 4. قام مجموعة من الأشخاص بتصميم هاتف بحجم حقيقي اعتماداً على ما تم تسريبه من تصميمات, مكونات وأخبار، فكانت النتيجة هي هذا النموذج الأولي الواقعي لدرجة مدهشة! تتحدث أغلب التكهنات عن جهاز يعمل بمعالج Apple A5 (مثل iPad 2) ورامات 1 جيجابايت، مع توقعات بشاشة أكبر (4 إنش) ونفس جودة آيفون السابق (960 × 540). أما عن الكاميرا فتسربت أخبار من سوني التي تصنعها على أنها ستكون 8 ميجابكسل. هل سيحافظ الهاتف الجديد على مكانة iPhone في مواجهة سامسونج ونظام أندرويد؟! هذا ما سنراه في مؤتمر آبل يوم 4 أكتوبر القادم، والذي سأقوم بكتابة موضوع عنه فور حدوثه .  فهل سيكون هذا هو iPhone الجديد ؟

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