Friday, October 7, 2011


Samsung MV800 Camera Will Make You Flip Out

Remember Samsung’s DualView compact digital cameras that featured miniature LCD panels embedded in the front of the camera for taking accurate self-portrait shots? Today, Samsung has taken that philosophy to the next level with the introduction of the MV800. The Samsung MV800 is equipped with a 3.0” touch-screen Flip-out LCD display. However, this is not your typical horizontally revolving LCD–the Samsung MV800′s LCD flips up vertically a full 180 degrees to give shooters a 3-inch LCD view right above the lens for the ultimate self portraits. The Samsung MV800 will bring on a 16-megapixel 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor, 26mm wide 5x optical zoom Schneider-KREUZNACH lens and offer full touchscreen LCD operation. 720p HD video recording in the MPEG-4 format is noted in the release, and I assume it will be 30fps. Fun-filled features riddle the MV800, starting with Live Panorama, which enables the shooter to preview the entire shot by pressing halfway on the shutter button and moving the camera in the intended direction. There will also be 12 Magic Frames providing whimsical backgrounds for portraits, as well as Picture-In-Picture actions for embedding one picture into another. But the Samsung MV800 just keeps getting sillier with a new Funny Face filter library that distorts faces similarly to that of Apple’s Photo Booth. 14 artistic effects will also be included, showcasing the new Water Paint mode for rendering subject matter in a water color style. There’s even a Pose Guide to teach models how to pose and a Storyboard Maker for creating a digital scrapbook of that scandalous night on the town. The Samsung MV800 is set to ship mid September for $280.

رأينا منذ زمن بعيد كاميرات من سامسونج تحمل شاشتين من الأمام ومن الخلف وأعتقد أنها لم تحقق نجاح كبير لكن سامسونج تختلف معي في هذه النقطه حيث أعلنت شركة الأم خلال مؤتمر IFA عن الكاميرا MV800 والتي تحمل شاشه 3 أنش يمكنك لفّ الشاشه إلى الأعلى لتعكس الشاشه وتعرض وجهك وأنت تحمل هذه الكاميرا كما في الصوره التي أمامك واسم هذه الشاشه هي MultiView  ودقة الكاميرا 16 ميجابيكسل كما أن الشاشه 3 أنش تدعم تقنية اللمس المتعدد  وسعر هذه الكاميرا 279 دولار أمريكي .تذكير عدسة الكاميرا 26-130 ملم بفتحة  f.3.3-5.9 مع تقريب بصري خمس مرات  وتستخدم الفلاش النحيل الشكل

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