Sunday, October 16, 2011

Marchi Mobile's Luxury Van

Marchi Mobile's futuristic luxury camper van goes for sale

Most of the designs we have shown you tend to offer little in terms of flexibility of space. The Marchi Mobile luxury camper van on the other hand, has flexibilities rarely noticed anywhere. From the conference cum dining table to the entire lounge, you have the option of spreading the chassis out to suit your needs and retract when not needed. The tables and extra furniture are perfectly retractable to create the ambience you want; events, small conference, family holiday, etc. It is now rather common to come across luxury travel in the seas and the air, where you carry a virtual mansion wherever you travel. It seems road travelling isn’t the same old convention either, with all kinds of luxury on the move; we refer to mobile homes, or rather luxury caravans. In the past, we showed you some prime examples such as the Deseo Luxury Caravan and Mehrzeller Inhaltthat redefined mobile homes. Now taking a rather futuristic leap is the Marchi Mobile luxury camper, which offers luxury and comfort, along with flexibility of space. The amenities would also include the mini-kitchen where you could cater to your gastronomical needs, the integrated communications and location system which shall help you find your way out or simply navigate new zones. Since we are talking of the future, satellite television with 40-inch screens, along with internet will always keep you in touch with what’s happening around the world. In case, things get tiring, the bathroom with shower corner is always present on the upper deck for you to relax in. Looking at the technical features, you would have the 510HP engine with auto-transmission, dual-sport exhaust system with carbon diffuser, 28-inch alloy wheels, single arm windscreen wiper, all of which are responsible for the supreme riding experience on the vehicle’s outside. Inside you would find 8 LCD screens, 6 business class lounge chairs with massaging functions, multi-media system, bar, and even adjustable lighting according to your needs. There is even the extendable luggage space with shoe rang to keep your footwear safe. The chauffer doesn’t need to compromise either, as the booth is also thoroughly equipped, and would be rather easy with the on-road assistance system in case you need it. All of this, and some more gives you living space of more than 30 sq meters of usable area, which itself speaks of the designing expertise. So, in case you have the cash and the need for one of these, it would be wise to start ordering your luxury camper from the company.

شاحنة رحلات فاخرة من المستقبل لكنها متوفرة اليوم

تحدثنا منذ فترة قريبة عن سيارة الرحلات السويسرية إيكو، وهي تصوّر مستقبلي سيكون متاح في العام 2014. واليوم نعود بسيارة رحلات مستقبلية أخرى لكنها متاحة اليوم , فهذا الشكل الغريب هو سيارة رحلات فاخرة تحمل اسم eleMMent، وهي شاحنة صغيرة طولها 12 متر وتعمل بمحرك 512 حصان . وتتميز الشاحنة الغريبة بمساحة داخلية تقارب 46 متر مربع تصحبها معك أينما ذهبت  , يبدو التصميم غريباً إلى حد كبير لكنه (حسب ما تذكر الشركة) يمتاز بانسيابية كافة لتجعله أقل استهلاكاً للوقود بنسبة 20%، وفي نفس الوقت يعطي إطلالة مميزة على الطريق في كل الاتجاهات , أما عن المساحة الداخلية فتضم غرفة جلوس بأريكة كبيرة وطاولة متعددة الاستخدام وشاشة 40 إنش. تضم المساحة كذلك غرفة نوم كبيرة وحمام رئيسي يحوي غرفة للبخار.  من المفترض حسب موقع الشركة أنها متاحة لمن يود شراءها الآن، لكن لم تضع الشركة أي تفاصيل عن سعرها أو الخيارات المتوفرة عند شرائها، لذا فلك أن تتخيل كم يمكن أن يبلغ سعرها 

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