Friday, November 4, 2011

Smashing Pumpkin

Now that's a REALLY Smashing Pumpkin: Artistcarves zombie masterpiece out of giant veg
Forgettraditional Jack O’Lanterns this Halloween - artist Ray Villafane has createdsomething dead special out of one of this year's biggest pumpkins. PerfectionistRay spent hours painstakingly carving the huge orange fruit to create a pumpkinmasterpiece featuring hideous zombies spewing orange guts in New York'sbotanical gardens. Incredibly, Ray has had no formal training and learnt hisamazing craft purely by picking up a scalpel and having a go. Ray, an established artist known also forhis incredible toy and sand sculptor, had something special in mind for thisyear’s event in the shape of grizzly zombies He used two of the largest pumpkins from this year’s harvest, one of them arecord-holder, to create a creepy scene featuring zombies covered in pumpkinguts crawling out of a giant squash.Ray spent hours painstakingly carving hisundead work of art, but his efforts were generously rewarded with cheering andclapping. Ray Villafane used Brant and Eleanor Bordsen’s 1,693 pound pumpkin tocreate the zombies.

تحفة فنية 

لا تزال إبداعات الفنان جاك أولنتير في إستمرار ... يقدم لنا الفنان تحفة فنية في قمة الروعة , حيث قام الفنان جاك بنحت مجسم فني من اليقطين , سأترككم مع الصور لتتحدث عن نفسها , ولكم التعليق ....  

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