Thursday, November 3, 2011

Super Awesome Pumpkin

Super Awesome Pumpkin
Since we crank out so many stories each week some really good ones get lost in the cracks. And since so many new people visit Guyism every day (thank you), we thought we’d take some time on the weekends to share a few classics that many of our newer readers may have missed.
When it comes to All Hallow’s Eve, pumpkin carving is a time-honored tradition. However, while most of us are content to simply slice a boring, old smiley face out of our big giant gourds, the more motivated artiste has the potential to create some truly amazing artwork. Below are 11 creative, funny and completely awesome pumpkin carvings.

كيف تصنع وجوها مرعبة من اليقطين؟
يعد الاحتفال بعيد الهالويين مناسبة عالمية لتنفيذ الخدع المرعبة وارتداء الملابس والأقنعة المخيفة، فإذا أردت ابتكار شيء مميز لهذه المناسبة إليك هذه الإبداعات التي تشمل وجوها مرعبة منحوتة على اليقطين.

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