Monday, May 7, 2012

The Homes Of The Future

The homes of the future: Amazing pictures of sleek and stylish houses show next generation of American living
 These futuristic homes are taking shape on the West Coast - and you don't need a flying Delorian to see them. With daring new designs, several California-based architectural firms are making waves with concepts that will change what America knows about home design and décor. California Home + Design is spotlighting several of the homes, as well as the architects who made them possible.  One of the homes, located in Malibu, was redesigned with actual wings from a jumbo jet, which architect David Hertz envisioned after the homeowner came to him with a desire for a curved roof. The Bridge House, designed by San Francisco-based architect Stanley Staitowitz, is built across a ravine on a 15-acre property in San Anselmo. Attracting architecture awards and plenty of eyeballs across the country, the unique designs are blowing the roof off conventional homebuilding.

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