Saturday, May 12, 2012

Roll House in the Forest

A Japanese [Sushi] Roll House in the Forest
Shell House was designed by the Japanese architecture firm artechnic, and was completed in 2008. The villa (or cottage if you prefer) is located in the Karuizawa region of Kitasaku, Nagano, about 60-90 minutes outside of Tokyo. It’s a popular weekend destination for those looking to get out of the bustling metropolis and into the beautiful surroundings of nature. This curvaceous and beautifully crafted home was designed with the intent of minimal maintenance. The owners make short but frequent trips here and they do not want to spend a significant portion of their time with maintenance and upkeep; they would much prefer to maximize their leisure time once they have arrived. To address this, artechnic created a central control system that enables all mechanical and electrical equipment to be managed by three buttons. The region is also known for its low temperature and high humidity. To combat this, concrete was used to protect the home from humidity. A custom made floor-heating system was also installed to minimize the use of heat energy and reduce the trouble of emptying drainage in the cold regions. A description of the air conditioning system can also be found below. Check out the incredible gallery of pictures of this beautiful 329 square meter (3,541 sq ft) home below, and visit ArchDaily for a more comprehensive review of this unique design. Enjoy!

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