Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Frankfurt Motor Show 2011: Kia GT

Kia turned up at the Frankfurt Motor Show with a super coupé concept, evidence of its desire to move upmarket, perhaps even launching its own luxury brand on the lines of Nissan's Infiniti or Toyota's Lexus badges.  Sure, the GT was an assured piece of work, with a four-seat configuration not dissimilar to that of the Aston Martin Rapide, but with pillarless wardrobe doors. Aerodynamics clearly played a large part in the design with Ian Callum/Jaguar XK-R-style wing nacelles, wing-mounted rear-view cameras instead of door mirrors and complicated wheel aerofoils that would make them a nightmare to clean.  The design hid its 4.69-metre length well and under the bonnet was a 390bhp/394lb ft turbocharged V6 engine.  The question here, however, is whether the company actually needs a car like this, or a luxury brand at all. The evidence is that these executive flights of fancy take more than 20 years to achieve any impact and recognition, they swallow up money faster than a daughter in Beverley Hills and they divert attention from the main business, which is making better and better cars to challenge in the upper non-premium market against the likes of Ford, Vauxhall and maybe Volkswagen.  Those rivals must be hoping against hope that Kia decides to make the GT and launch a luxury brand.

كيا موتورز تعرض التصميم الرياضي لسيارة "جي تي"
عرضت الشركة الكورية الجنوبية "كيا موتورز" سيارتها الجديدة "جي تي" الإختبارية، والتي كشف عنها لأول مرة في معرض فرانكفورت الدولي بألمانيا المقام حالياً. وتتميز السيارة بالتصميم الرياضي، فهي سيارة صالون ذات 4 أبواب مع جنوط رياضية، وزودت بمحرك 3.3 لتر مكون من 6 سلندرات يولد قوة هائلة تصل إلى 390 حصان.


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