Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Translucent Ants

Translucent Ants Photographed Eating Colored Liquids

Tasting the rainbow: The ants whose multi-coloured abdomens show exactly what they've been eating

The saying 'you are what you eat' is true for these insects as stunning pictures show their abdomens changing colour as they sip on sugar drops. Father of three Mohamed Babu set up the photographs after his wife, Shameem, showed him some ants had turned white after drinking spilt milk. He gave the creatures the brightly coloured sugar drops and watched as their transparent stomachs matched the food they were eating. Some of the ants even wandered from one colour to another, creating new combinations in their bodies. Scientist Dr Babu, mixed the sugar drops with edible colours red, green, blue and yellow and placed them in his garden to attract the insects. By placing them on a paraffin base the drops kept their shape when touched by the ants , The 53-year-old discovered the ants preferred lighter colours such as yellow and gree
He said: 'The idea for the photograph came to me after my wife showed me some ants that turned white sipping the spilled milk drops on our kitchen counter 'I shot the photo in my garden to take advantage of the natural lighting and set a paraffin sheet with coloured sugar drops near some ants
'Even though I could get enough of a crowd within a few minutes, it required several retakes to have a shot up to my satisfaction.'

صور مدهشة لنمل بمعدة شفافة: نمل بكل الألوان

( سبحان الله العظيم وبحمده ... خلق فأبدع ) 

لاحظ العالم الهندي محمد بابو أن النمل المحيط بمنزله يتميز بمعدة شفافة، فقام بتجربة مثيرة وضع فيها أمام النمل سكراً سائلاً تم تلوينه بألوان مختلفة، فكانت النتيجة مدهشة كما تشاهدون في هذه الصور والطريف أن النمل حين يقوم بتناول عدة ألوان مختلفة تمتزج في معدته لينتج لون جديد!! خطرت هذه الفكرة الغريبة ببال محمد بابو حين لاحظ أن النمل الذي شرب الحليب في المطبخ تحول إلى اللون الأبيض، ففكر في نتيجة شربه ألوان أخرى! أما عن سبب احتفاظ قطرات السكر السائلة بشكلها فيعود إلى طلاء السطح الذي وضعت عليها بمادة البرافين، وهي المادة التي يتم استخدامها في صناعة الشموع ومرطبات البشرة.

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