Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2013 Seat Ibiza

2013    Seat Ibiza
The next generation of the successful Spanish model is here - the new SEAT Ibiza captures the heart with its young, emotional design and fun-to-drive zest, and convinces the head with its innovative technologies and further improved functionality and quality. Plus, the new line-up offers enormous breadth to meet every individual demand - from the compact and sporty three-door SEAT Ibiza SC, to the dynamic and universal five-door SEAT Ibiza, to the elegantly practical SEAT Ibiza ST estate car. When it comes to engines, the line-up extends from the extremely efficient Ibiza E-Ecomotive with 89 grams of CO2/km to the exceptionally sporty SEAT Ibiza FR with 110 kW (150 hp). There are two strengths in particular that are common to all versions - a very high standard of quality and outstanding value for money. Market launch of the new SEAT Ibiza is scheduled for spring 2012.

The SEAT Ibiza is one of the best-selling models in its segment throughout Europe and the average age of its buyers is the youngest in its market segment. Design has long been one of the Ibiza's foremost strengths - named as the most important reason for purchase by customers, and to the same degree across all three body variants. This trend is set to continue in future - with its modern, fresh and optimistic look, the new Ibiza marks a further significant development of the SEAT design identity and prepares the way for future models.

"The Ibiza is an important foundation for our brand. With the new generation, we are taking a clear step forward - the fresh and young design language speaks to SEAT's unique and distinctive character. It underscores the precision and quality of our products," says James Muir President of SEAT, S.A. "This makes the new Ibiza a crucial element in SEAT's forward strategy. It will grow its success even further, not least in our new market of China."

سيات ابيزا 2013
أعلنت الشركة الأسبانية التابعة لمجموعة فولكس فاجن العملاقة، عن طرحها نسخة جديدة معدلة من "سيات إبيزا 2013" رسمياً خلال معرض جنيف الدولي للسيارات فى مارس المقبل. وقد أكدت سيات، أن هذا التعديل سيشمل كافة الطرازات، سواء نسختي الهاتشباك ثلاثية وخماسية الأبواب، أو نسخة الإستيشن أيضاً. تصميمياً، من الواضح جلياً، أن النسخة المعدلة من "إبيزا"، قد حصلت على مقدمة مجددة بالكامل، تبدو أقرب لمقدمة الطرازات الإختبارية الجديدة من سيات كـ "IBE"، والسيدان "IBL"، ويتضح ذلك من خلال إعادة تصميم المصد الأمامي، والمصابيح الأمامية التي تعمل بتقنية "LED" المتطورة، بجانب تصميم المصابيح الخلفية المجدد وشبكات التهوئة المعدلة.

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