Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sculptures Using Cardboard

Boxing clever: The artist who makes sculptures of everyday objects using cardboard

While saving packaging from the dump is enough for most people, British artist Chris Gilmour takes recycling to the next level. It may be hard to believe but these intricate sculptures are made entirely out of cardboard. Instead of using marble or bronze in the mode of classical statues, he chose to use one of the most humble and commonly found materials.  There are no supporting structures, no wood or metal frames. His interpretations of everyday objects are created with just cardboard and glue. Gilmour’s work includes stunning life-size objects and reproductions including a Fiat 500, religious architecture and even a piano hanging from the ceiling.  Though the way they are made is extraordinary, nearly every one of the artworks is based on the most boring of objects - a dentist's chair, a car, a bicycle, a wheelchair. Gilmour, who lives in Italy, said: 'There has been a progression in the choice of objects portrayed, which go from smaller domestic items to objects which are larger and belong to a broader cultural context. 'However, the reason for the choice of objects has always been pretty much the same - they call up memories and emotions connected to our experience of these everyday things. 'I think it gives another dimension to the work to use scrap cardboard packaging which has been thrown away after the coveted objects it contained have been removed.' Gilmour's use of pre-existing materials also gives them a 'new life' linking art with recycling. He said: 'One of the reasons I use cardboard is because it’s so easy to find - we have an immediate access to these 're-cycled' materials in a way that could never be possible with bronze or marble. '
إنها ليست منحوتات صخرية أو طينية !!!
قد تعتقد للوهلة الأولى بأن الصور التالية هي صور لمنحوتات صخرية أو حجرية أو طينية لكنها ليست كذلك , حيث قام الفنان كريس جيلمور بإستخدام ورق الكرتون المقوى وبعض الأدوات المستخدمة البسيطة في صناعة نماذج أكثر من رائعة 

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