Monday, April 2, 2012

Dubai's skyscrapers

The city in the clouds: Dramatic images of Dubai's skyscrapers poking through a carpet of fog at night
Dubai's skyscrapers poke through a carpet of fog at night in dramatic images taken from 800ft up in the air. The world's tallest building - the 2,700ft-high Burj Khalifa - can be seen bursting through the dense fog banks which descend on the city in March year year. In other pictures, the lights from Dubai's shops and apartments illuminate the fog from below at sunset. Ian Powell, from Brighton, has been documenting the growth of the city for eight years. The 36-year-old developer uses site visits to some of Dubai's tallest buildings to indulge his passion for photographing the skyline. He said: 'Watching the fog from this high is beyond reality. The Dubai skyline is such a wonder - I watched 80 per cent of the buildings being built over my eight years here. 'I wake up most mornings around 4am to look for the signs and smells of fog - you can smell and feel it in the air. 'That morning I wasn't expecting anything but within 15 minutes I was surrounded by it. 'We get fog twice a year when the seasons changes. The moisture in the morning cools and the fog start to appear. 'It reminds me of the cloud planet Coruscant with its Cloud City in Star Wars. 'Every time I see the fog it acts and dissolves differently, it's never the same experience.' Fog gathers in Dubai because of a rise in temperature from an average of 25 to 28 degrees Centigrade in March. At ground level visibility can drop to just 30ft, sometimes causing chaos on the busy roads. Ian said: 'Having working as a developer for the last six years, many images where captured due to site visits. 'I have also supplied some of the towers I have worked on with images, so in turn they give me access to their buildings.'

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