Saturday, April 14, 2012


Chalktrail - awesome toys for bike and scooter
Miles of creative, colorful fun.  Chalktrail brings the simple, timeless joy of riding a bike or scooter together with the creative expression of decorating the neighborhood streets and sidewalks with bright and colorful chalk.  We like to call this unique combination of outdoor activity and artistic creativity “ARTIVITY”.  It’s one of those products that you instantly get the second you see it.  The concept is beautiful in its simplicity and the play pattern is expressive and fresh.  No bright lights, flashing screens, blaring noises, cords, batteries or internet connections.  Just kids, wheels, chalk, fresh air and fun.  It’s the kind of product that could have been made a half-century ago but, for some inconceivable reason, wasn’t. Kid friendly.  In designing Chalktrail, our goal was to make the physical products as simple as the concept itself.  Most importantly, we wanted a toy that kids could manage independently without having to run inside and ask mom or dad for help every 3 minutes.  Chalktrail doesn’t require any tools to install and can be put on a bike or scooter quickly and easily, even by a child. And the same goes for the way giant pieces of Chalktrail Chalk are inserted and adjusted.

أداة Chalktrail لخربشة إبداعية على الشوارع

أداة Chalktrail الابداعية يمكنك تركيبها على عجلة الدراجة أو السكوتر الخلفي مع طبشورة لتخربش كما تريد على الشارع و لتبدع برسمات رائعة