Monday, April 16, 2012


Debt Settlement
Cash Settlement 
What is debt settlement ?
Debt settlement or debt negotiation or debt arbitration is a process wherein creditor accepts a sum lesser than the original amount from the debtor, and regards it as the full payment.

How does a debt settlement program work?
When you enroll in the program, your monthly payments to the debt settlement company get accrued in a trust account for a certain number of months. You’ll not be required to make any payments to the creditors .You can access the trust account through your secure login area. Once enough money has been deposited into the account, the debt settlement company initiates the negotiation procedure with the creditors. The debt settlement company negotiates with the creditor to arrive at an amount that is acceptable to both the parties. Once the settlement agreement is finalized, you can repay the amount in a lump sum or in installments. Debt settlement negotiation usually reduces a sizeable percentage of your overall debt amount. However, keep in mind that the debt reduction amount will heavily depend upon the performance of the professional settlement company.

 Why wait for your pending lawsuit to settle when it's so easy to get the cash you need now?
Are you having trouble making ends meet while your legal claim is being settled? Behind on your mortgage, rent, car payment or medical bills? Cash Settlements Now can provide up to $500,000 to cover your living expenses before your lawsuit is settled. No upfront fees or complicated forms. Complete our simple online application or call us and you could have cash in hand within three working days. Best of all, you repay us only if and after you win your case.

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