Friday, April 20, 2012

Underwater Images Ever Seen

The most spectacular underwater images ever seen: Incredible pictures capture dazzling array of colour beneath the sea
From teeny-tiny to titanic, the University of Miami's annual Underwater Photography contest has captured the colourful creatures typically beneath reach and view while awarding a vibrant sea slug as the contest's star. The contest held by the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science reviewed 700 underwater photograph submissions before calling out the winners by category. 'The quality of photos keeps getting better each year,' UM lecturer and photographer Myron Wang who judged among the panel of experts said in a release by the school. 'Judging becomes more difficult when you have so many wonderful pictures to choose from. For me, there were excellent entries in every category but this year's standout was the great picture of the juvenile sperm whale taken by Douglas Lahle in Dominica. It is spectacular!' Mr Wang said. But when it came to the overall winner, size wasn't the judge, however, with that title going to the neon headshield slug photographed in the Virgin Islands while crossing an emerald green plant, complimenting its glowing orange, blue and yellow body. The annual contest featured one new category of a Fan Favourite poll that was ranked through the Rosenstiel School blog. That winner of a jellyfish shot in Monterey, California by Todd Aki took nearly half the votes the school reported, totaling over 1,200 votes.

الصور الأكثر إثارة تحت الماء على الاطلاق : صور لا تصدق لمجموعة رائعة من الكائنات البحرية الغريبة تحت البحر

فازت جامعة ميامي بالمسابقة السنوية للتصوير الفوتوغرافي للكائنات البحرية تحت سطح الماء في البحار والمحيطات التي تعقدها مدرسة روزنستيل للعلوم البحرية والجوية , والتس إستعرضت حوالي 700 صورة رائعة للمخلوقات البحرية فكان لجودة ووضوح الصورة دوراً في إختيار أفضل الصور ... فكانت الصور التالية هي الصور الفائزة في المسابقة

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