Friday, April 13, 2012

Corinth Channel

 The Smallest Squeeze : Corinth Channel, Greece
The well-known Corinth Channel attaches the West of Corinth with the Saronic West in the Aegean Sea. It reduces through the filter Isthmus of Corinth and distinguishes the Peloponnesian peninsula from the Historical greek landmass, thus successfully creating the former an area. The canal is 6.4 kilometers long and only 21.3 measures large at its platform. World coves flanking either part of the canal arrive at a highest possible top of 63 measures. Aside from a few minimal scaled vacation lines, the Corinth Channel is unserviceable to most contemporary delivers. The Corinth Channel, though only accomplished in the overdue 1800s, was an concept and fantasy that goes over 2000 million decades. Before it was designed, delivers going between the Aegean and Adriatic had to circumnavigate the Peloponnese including about 185 maritime kilometers to their voyage. The first to choose to dig the Corinth Channel was Periander, the tyrant of Corinth (602 BCE). Such a massive venture was above the specialized abilities of the past so Periander performed another excellent venture, the diolkós, a rock highway, on which the delivers were relocated on rolling systems from one sea to the other. Dimitrios Poliorkitis, master of Macedon (c. 300 BCE), was the second who tried, but his designers was adament that if the waters where linked, the more northern Adriatic, incorrectly believed to be greater, would overflow the more the southeast part of Aegean. At time, it was also believed that Poseidon, god of the sea, compared getting started with the Aegean and the Adriatic. The same worry also ceased Julius Caesar and emperors Hadrian and Caligula. The most serious try was that of Emperor Nero (67 CE). He had 6,000 slaves for the job. He started the perform himself, burrowing with a fantastic hoe, while songs was performed. However, he was murdered before the perform could be accomplished.

قناة كورنيث باليونان

كانت فكرة حفر القناه من الاسكندر الاعظم يوليوس قيصر كاليجولا بدء العمل بالقناه عام 67 قبل الميلاد وتوقف العمل 69 قبل الميلاد بسبب وفاة القيصر اليوناني , وفي القرن التاسع عشر كلفت حكومة اليونان مهندسين فرنسيين لحفر وبناء القناه وبعد الانتهاء منها اصبحت من المعالم السياحيه باليونان
طول القناه 6343 متر ,,, عرضها من 21 - 25 متر ,,,  ارتفاعها 90 متر ,,, عمق المياه بها 8 امتار

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